Recent Activities

I finally got caught by Jay, my husband's friend, masturbating in his house. You can hear him come in at 3:11. He watched, speechlessly, until I finished and we had a nice little chat afterward. I remained nude for the chat 😘
FINALLY! Jay caught me. At 3:11 you can hear the door close, I was so close to cumming I just finished.
Love taking a BBC. Wish I had a REAL one handy right now😘😍
Feeling extra wet ALL day! Decided to play with my BBC dildo :)
Does my bra match my panties?
The title explains it all! ??
Went to Jay's House with my husband again. I just can't seem to get caught
I've been posting quite a bit. What would you guys like to see? I'll accommodate if possible!😘
I want to order a Pizza and answer the door wearing this! ☺️
Just this evening, I was sexually ravaged by three men who hired me for an evenings entertainment. I wish they had taken pics or video of what happened after I undressed. I'm still wet from it 🀀πŸ₯°πŸ˜
Sometimes I get angry horny. Especially like now, when there's guys over, who I want inside me, but not sure if they are comfortable with swinging.