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I wasn't sure about uploading my photo but after some thinking, I decided to do it.
I know that most of you are just here for porn, and if that is your case, there is no point in reading any further.
But if you can spare some time to read, I give you the short version of my story. Please judge me (with your own minds, not with some standards which other people have set for you) in the end. Even if your opinion is extremely negative, I would like to hear it.

I lived by other people's standards all my life. I refused to get involved in any "inappropriate" relationship or act which hurt their "reputation" and "good name". But after many years (I don't want to bore you with telling my long and sad stories), I found out that those who had made such standards for me, never believed in any of their own standards and it was all about having control and power over me.
I dedicated my life to them but they never cared about me, my feelings or happiness. They spied on private details of my life to make sure everything met their standards, and sadly, I let them. But during all these years, they were doing horrible things behind my back. There was never any feeling for me; they just wore an emotional mask whenever they wanted something from me. I was a wallet or a maid in their opinion. In the end, when I was too old, poor and weak to offer them anything, they threw me away like garbage, even though I never wanted any material thing from them. Believe it or not, I was OK with even that. My relationship with them was never trade like. I always gave everything and never expected anything in return.
But as it turned out, there was no end to their misuse and greed. After we separated, one of them tried to take my last dimes from me. The person whom I had dedicated my life to, threatened to release my private picture on internet. He had taken that picture many years ago, when we lived together, without me noticing it. to tell you the true, the picture wasn't so "immoral", it was very dim and just showed me in my underwear. Besides, anyone who looked at it could tell that it was taken by a close relative who I trusted enough to live under a single roof with him. But as it turned out, since we live in a religious community with a very high "moral standard", I should be ashamed because someone who I trusted secretly took a picture of me, but that scum can live with pride! And that scum is the same person who accused me of being a slut and misbehaved me in public because he had some sick illusions when he saw me having a simple conversation with a decent man!
I said no to that bully. He responded with an ultimatum: Either I paid him my last dimes or he released my picture. Since I was raised in a religious community, I was very afraid. I would have submitted to his will if that was really an option, but it wasn’t, I couldn’t pay him. But he never publicized my picture. It turned out that he was afraid this will ruin his "good name". He thought I somehow still belong to him and he is responsible for my "inappropriate" behavior. He just ended the whole thing and went back to his life. But I couldn’t let him walk away after that. I could have informed the police. I had some evidence to convict him. I could have ensured that my private picture will never be publicized on internet. Everything could have simply ended. But that was not what I wanted.
What happened to me wasn't solely his fault. If I hadn't lived by those stupid "moral standards", I wouldn't have created such a monster. If I had judged myself and others by standards which actually make sense and are reasonable, no one could take advantage of me.
I came to a conclusion: I must not live by anyone else's "moral standards" any longer.
I wanted him and anyone who empowers him by blaming or mistreating likes of me in such incidents to be ashamed, realize how hypocritical and stupid they are and how far they have gotten from humanity. So I gave him some of his own medicine.
He thought he had power and control over me. He thought I would do anything to keep the "reputation" which was not based on my true character's feelings and doings, but on some ignorant people's opinion of me. But I thought: to hell with those stupid opinions and "reputation"; they are exactly the things which empower such monsters. I will not wait for someone else to ruin such a "reputation", I will ruin it myself! Does some bully think I am his property and my "inappropriate" behavior damages his "good name"?! Does he think he can actually do sick things without any consequence but I should be afraid of some ignorant people's gossip?! Fine, be that way! But if it's going to be like that, say Bye Bye to your "good name"!
Here is what I did: I took a naked picture of myself and posted it online. That bastard was going to release an old dim picture which I was hardly recognizable in it. I decided to take things to the extremes and reveal everything. I'm revealing my body and story online and I will send it to any person who I or that monster know. I'm not ashamed to give away my name or whereabouts anymore; the only reason which makes me conceal them from public is their possible use to bully my underage relatives. You don’t need it anyhow, because as I said, this is not personal, this is about how we judge each other.
So, if you have spent time to read my story, please judge me. As I said, I don’t care for your judgment as long as it's based on some ridiculous "moral standard", but would be happy to hear it if it's based on common sense, even if it's extremely negative.

If you knew me as a person of high moral standards before this but now you are changing your opinion merely because of this picture, be my guest.
If you held me dear before this but you are ashamed to be my relative or friend after this, be my guest.
If you choose to expel me from your community but welcome those monsters, be my guest.
If you still want to hang on to that god and religion which doesn’t care about hearts and minds of people and judges them by some meaningless dogmas, be my guest.
If you don’t care about anything and just want to enjoy looking at a hot MILF, be my guest.
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