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Martha's Story

Another friend decided to reveal her story along with her body!
Her name is Martha.
Do you remember my story? I posted it along with my picture in order to shame the person who had bullied me and also encourage the people like me to take action. I mostly got positive feedback. maybe the most negative feedback was that I overreacted and that bully wasn't worth my effort; And as I said, I don't care about any feedback which isn't based on common sense, therefore I won't mention them at all.

Few days ago, I became aware of woman who had a similar problem. An old friend of mine told me she has met another victim. When they were talking about what I did, she (who was known to be very shy) suddenly found the courage to admit that she is suffering from a similar problem. Her ex-husband, who had turned to drugs, was asking for money in order to not publicize her naked picture. She wasn't very rich, so paying him could have a terrible impact on her life. She had already paid him once, but he was asking for more, and it was obvious that if she submitted, she had to pay for her lifetime. Besides, this was not merely about money. It was also about her pride and self respect, which was more important to her. She was a loving and caring wife for years. She had trusted her husband and presented him with a beautiful gift of her body. But now, that monster was using that beautiful gift as a tool for bulling.
After my friend told me the story, I asked her for Martha's phone number. I texted her and she immediately called back. We talked for some time. She said that she approves what I did, but she wasn't courageous enough to do the same, although she wished that she was. I encouraged her not to submit to any blackmail and let her ex do whatever he wants. We said our goodbyes and I went home. But that night she called again. She explained that she had said no to her ex. It seemed like he took it very badly and she was sure that he was going to publicize her naked picture; but she was even more sure about one thing: she didn't want to be a victim. She didn't want to be the oppressed woman who can't defend herself and let the bully get away unharmed. She had made a decision: the same decision which I had made. She asked me about the reactions which I had seen and I explained every detail. When she asked me to be with her while she is doing it, I eagerly accepted. The next morning, I traveled to her house which was in a nearby town. We talked a bit. I noticed that she's a little scared and is having second thoughts. I tried to relieve her and assured that it's ok if she is not comfortable with what we were about to do. She insisted that she is sure, but when she started undoing her buttons, she couldn't finish. She shed tears and once again blamed herself for being a coward. I hugged and assured her that it was ok, but just when I was putting away the camera, Martha asked me to stop. She immediately went to the trash can in her kitchen, picked some dirty and torn pieces of paper out of it, placed them together and started reading. When I asked what is going on, Martha responded that she is rereading the threatening note which her ex had left by her door. After reading it, she said she's ready. This time she didn't hesitate at all, not even for a moment! At first we were planning to take a picture which only showed her face and upper bust. But this time she insisted on revealing everything!
I took the picture which you can see. Now, we let everyone to see her open mind and beautiful body and judge about her and the person who tried to use her picture to blackmail her. So I ask the reader: who should be ashamed? The loving and caring wife or the abusing ex-husband? Should Martha be ashamed because other people can see her naked body? Or is it that monster who should be ashamed of what he has done?
I also have a word with the people who see our pictures. As I said before, I have no problem if someone looks at my picture for pleasure, and Martha said she's ok too, as long as it's just for pleasure and not some kind of abuse, as long as we don't lose the respect for each other. To tell you the truth, I'm no saint either! I enjoy watching men's body in my free time too. It's also nice to know that we don't have any "expiration date" and people still find us attractive. But please note that what you are seeing is just a minor aspect of that person, which no sane person can use to judge about someone's personality. Let's not look at each other as sex objects, but as human beings. If we do that, we take away the power which abusers have over their frightened victims.
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