A Close Call with Claire

This lady was in front of me in the queue at the checkout of our local supermarket. Unfortunately she'd come out and forgotten her purse. I offered to pay which she gratefully accepted. She told me to follow her home so she could reimburse me. I did so and got a lot more than I bargained for! We were in her kitchen and she excused herself to go and get her purse - or so I thought. She called for me to come through which I did and found her in the bedroom naked. Well I wasn't going to let her be naked on her own. That would have been rude, so I quickly stripped off and got to work on licking her juicy cunt before giving both cunt and ass a good fucking. She insisted on paying me the money for her shopping too which made me feel like a filthy prostitute which was great. I left about a minute before her husband came home. I'm pleased to say that we're going to meet up again for some more fun.



Posted in Default Category on April 18 2021 at 06:50 AM
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