hi guys. i have a new story about me and some friends making party with a stripper. i hope you like it.
the other day a friend of mine invited me to her birthday party. she told me she would order stripper, one of that kind you can touch and and play with. i was very excited when the day came closer because i made myself a plan. just before i went out to meet my friends i made my finger nails. my left thumb nail i filed as sharp as i could, later  you will see why.
when i arrived, the party was already running and the stripper was already naked and let the girls lick some cream from his tanned sixpack. i joined the game and we started playing with his hard cock. but with these strippers there is always one problem: you can jerk and suck their cock like you want, but they are not allowed to cum. they pervent themselves from cumming by wearing a strong rubber band around their cock and balls, so they can dance around for hours with a hard dick and feel protected against a premature orgasm. my plan was to make him cum anyway in front of us girls.
so when it was my turn to pleasure him, i let him sit down on a couch table and leaned his naked upper body a bit back, so i could watch his abs while i was sucking his cock. with my left hand i massaged his balls and with the sharp nail of my thumb i started secretly working on the rubber band. it took my some time until it finally broke. either he didnt noticed it or he really liked to cum for me. maybe he really thought i let him cum on my face or my tits. the moment came closer where he got aware that he could not stop his orgasm. he made me a sign that he would like to cum on my tits, but i quickly took his cock out of my mouth and grabbed it as hard as i could with both hand and aimed for his sweaty muscle abs...
as the cum shot out of the cock all over his muscle chest a silent: "oh, oh no" came out of his lips. he was beathing heavily as the huge load ran down his chest, through the groove between his sixpack muscles and finally in his hot innie navel. 
i licked the cum out of his navel and smeared the rest of his cum over his stomach while he still was breathing heavily. the girls went crazy and some of them came to touch his cum covered muscles. some of them even licked the cum out of his sixpack groove. after all we gave him an extra tip and everybody was happy.
what do you think? cum on stripper abs or just a story in my mind? write me a comment and tell me your thoughts
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The story was funny and erotic, but I don't think it's true. Judging from your body, you have probably had a good sex life, so I doubt a stripper can excite you that much. The part about making him cum wasn't very realistic either.
Fucking hot, id love to strip for you
To me strippers go crazy... They do anything so yes I think it's true
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