hi guys, today i would like to tell you a story about an experiment i had with a male friend of mine.
he was dating and fucking me since a few weeks. he had a very buff body, very huge chest muscles and a very distinct sixpack with nearly no fat on it. you could really see every single pec poping out even if he didn't flex them. one day i asked him if he could resign having an orgasm for 3 weeks and he accepted my request.
3 weeks later i invited him to my apartment and when he arrived i could literary feel his sexual tension. we got naked and i layed him on my bed and sat on his thighs to start jerking his dick. it soon got hard in my hands. i used both of my hands to rub his cock with power. he only needed about 5 minutes, but then, wow, he exploded...
the first two giant shots splashed against the underside of his huge chest muscles, ran down, and flooded his 2 upper pecs. as the next shots blast out of his cock like from a firehose and wetted his whole stomach, he began to tightly tense his sixpack and every single pec poped out like 6 muscle islands in an ocean of cum. he did not stop cumming and kept splashing sperm nearly all over his muscle stomach until the islands started to drown. there was only a single small spot where until now no cum landed because he was lifting his hips a bit. but his final shot filled the last remaining part of his muscle stomach: his belly button.
he breathed heavily and his sixpack were  tensing uncontrolled. the cum flowed trough the grooves of his ripped stomach. but this was only the first part of my plan
before his dick got weak i grabed it again and rubbed it as fast as i could. he looked down and seemed surprised but his cock kept standing. i wanted to see him cum twice, but this time, i wanted to cum with him. i used my left hand to pleasure myself and my right hand to pleasure him. even when i increased the speed of rubbing his cock he still not came. just as i thought i would cum unexpectedly before him, he crunched his abs hard and shot an extreme powerful load between my tits. not aware i was bringing my sensitive navel in his range, i leaned back in extasy and bent my stomach towards him. just as i realised that the tip of his dick was right in front of my belly button, he shot a second even more powerful load right into my navel. as i felt the pressure of his hot cum in my navel, i immediately crunched my abs and came so hard, i hard to stake myself by slapping on his cum wet sixpack, which made my orgasm even stronger because i could feel the muscles on his stomach beating from his orgasm. it made a splashy sound as i fell over and our wet abs smacked together. i can tell you guys, this orgasm was so strong, all my muscles kept shaking for minutes.
what do you think? hot experience or orgasm fairytale? write a comment if you wish to read more from me.
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You might have exaggerated a little, but this story can be true.

Also, it's cruel to ask a man not to have sex or even masturbate for 3 weeks!
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