hi guys, my next story take place in a nice tropical town at the beach. i hope you like swimwear, 8-pack abs and star wars.

i was making holiday in a nice tropical town with direct access to the beach. at the day before i bought myself a nice item. it was a ring for the finger made of silicone. it had a small button on the top. when you wore it on the index finger, you could push the button with the thumb and it started vibrating. i bought it because i likes the strong intensity of the vibrations. in comparison to the size of the small right, it was heavy. at the the of the story i wore it at my right index finger.

the day was very sunny and i enjoyed a walk at the beach. i wore a hot pants and a tight crop top to show off my abs. i was looking for interesting people and maybe some party at the beach. i got into a coversation with 3 really handsome and funny guys. i sat next to them and we chatted a bit. the 3 guys, let's call them alex, brad and jaimie, were making holiday here and also were looking for new people to meet. they just wore swimming pants, so i could check out their bodies. alex had a really flat stomach. he was not ripped, but his stomach was so concave that the opening of his belly button pointed upward when he was standing. brad wasn't ripped either but he had a sexy vertical groove from his chest to his navel. the hottest was jaimie. he wore his pants very low, so i could see the full gorgeousness of his skinny muscle stomach, from his tight chest over his, oh my god, 8-pack abs to his v-cut. his 8 pack abs were so tight and defined, i think he had  zero fat on them. everytime he laught and tensed his abs, i could see them working. so hot. his v-cut muscles pointed directly to his hidden cock. it made me went crazy. i asked jaime a bit out and found out he liked swimming and was a big star wars fan. and he had a girlfriend. not so good. but he told me his girlfriend stayed home and he went here alone with his friends. i was sad because i really would like to fuck jaime. before i left, i took a picture of us 4, i payed attention to see jaimie's pecs on the pic, and gave them my number. i left and headed for my apartment. on my bed i watched the picture with jaimie's 8-pack. this night i wanted to use my new vibration ring to make me cum while watching his ripped stomach, but then, alex called me.

he invited me to the apartment of the 3 boys for a small party tonight. i was happy about it, maybe i could hook up with alex or brad. when i arrived at their apartment, i realized i was the only guest. but i didn't feel uncomfortable. the guys were very gentle and we drank some beer until the party reached a sexy top.

after we were a bit alcoholized, we started talking about blowjobs. i really was turned on from these nice handsome boys, so i offered to show them my blowjob skills. alex and brad were excited, but jaime refused. at least i could make him stay and watch. alex and brad were standing up next to each other and jaime stayed behind me. the 3 still wore only their swimming pants, so in went on my knees in front of alex and started to suck his cock. he got hard very soon and after some minutes of moaning and breathing i took his cock out of my mouth and aimed for his navel. bullseye. the cum splashed in his belly button and because it was pointing upwards it stayed inside until he took a deep breath and the cum ran out of this navel to his dick. brad was next. i wanted to see his cum running down his deep stomach groove to his belly button. i was about to suck his cock and he was close to cum as i changed my mind. inbetween a few seconds i made myself a naughty plan. so when brad was about to cum, i took this dick out of my mouth and bowed my head to the right side, so his range increased. jaime with his naked upper body was standing right behind me. i aimed as well as i could...

as i heard a silent splash, i knew the cum hit on skin. i turned around and saw jaime with a decent cumshot right on the crossing of the grooves of his upper 4 pecs. surprised he stared at his abs. now i had to be fast. i grabbed his pants and pulled them down. i was surprised as a hard cock appeared in front of my face. now i had to use the conditions of the room. a bed was located right behind jaime, so i just had to push him and he fell on the bed. before he could get up again, i quickly jumped on his thighs and grabbed his dick with both hands. i started rubbing, but he did not resist. he was very sure he could hold his cum back. even when i rubbed as fast as i could, he just smiled at me and said: "i will not cum so easyly!"

i grinned at him and replied: "you underestimate my power!!" ... then, i pushed the button on my ring.

he opened his eyes very wide as the ring and my hands started to vibrate heavily. now i stroked with full speed and his 8-pack crunched and relaxed in the tact of a second. i could not believe it, i was really going to make him cum. as i felt his cock pulsating, he flexed his abs hard and shot a load straight up in the air. it splashed on his upper right pec. now i quickly angled his cock down towards his ripped stomach and the next loads squirted across all of his 8 abdominal muscles. as i let his cock go and layed it on his lower abs, there were still some cum trickling out of his cock until it slowly ran down his lower muscle groove to fill his navel.

"how?" he asked, and i replied: "i had the higher ground". i moved my finger trough his wet vertical 8-pack goove. i poked his cum filled belly button and said: "now, i am the master"

so guys, what do you think? this one is pretty easy to guess but it is a really fascinating story, isn't it?

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You wrote it well, using your imagination!
No guy cums with such a power.
Guys aren't so comfortable being naked in front of their friends.
But perhaps most important of all:
You pleased 3 guys but didn't asked them to return the favor?! Decent guys insist on returning the favor, even if you don't ask them.
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