Danielle's life; episode 1: ivy's secret

some years ago i lived together with a girl. let's call her ivy. she often went to the gym with me and her body was amazing. her ripped abs were even more defined than mine. her sixpack was very flat and you could see every groove between her packs even if she don't flex. her stomach was only skin and muscles, so you could see the sharp edge of her navel that seperates it from the nearby packs. when she crunched her abs, the opening of her belly button pointed towards her chest. when she streched her stomach, it pointed downwards. she was so hot, she even turned me on some times. she had a small obsession she tried to hide, but i watched her carefully and noticed it some day. every time when she saw a sexy boy, she slightly touched her belly button very quick. one time i have seen her watching a guy in the gym pulling his shirt of and flexing his abs. ivy felt unobserved. as she was biting her lip she moved her right hand down her abs. at first i thought she was going to touch her pussy, but than, her hand stopped a bit above her belly button and she secretly slid her index finger into her navel and fingered it for a second before she quickly pulled back her hand. that was very interesting. maybe she had a navel fetish too. i really wanted to find out one day. ivy had another interesting habit. every day she was masturbating in her room from exactly 21:05 to 21:10. i heard her moaning and silent screams when she was cumming. i imagined how she would tense and move her abs while she cum.
i wanted to see her cumming and i wanted to check my theory about her navel fetish, so i made a plan.

a few days later i met a handsome boy in a bar. he told me he was working out too and had decent abs. he also told me he was single and practicing nofab for already 2 month. wow, a man not cumming for 2 month straight. i would make him cum like a fountain. he was perfect, so i invited him for a fuck date. i told him to visit me the next saturday at exactly 21:00.

at saturday i was very excited. 10 minutes before 9 i went outside to wait for him. i did'nt want him to ring the bell. he was right on time and as we went inside, we got naked. his sixpack was more than decent, they were orgasmic. all six packs were very huge and his round innie navel sat in the crossing of the grooves from his lower 4 packs. we started kissing and touching each other and he got hard. his cock was very huge and i used both hands to rub it slowly. i didn't want him to cum premature because i needed his cum for my plan. at 21:09 i pushed him in the direction of the door of ivy's room. i quickly opend the door and pushed him inside front forward. the moment was perfect. ivy was laying on her couch facing in our direction. she was masturbating with a vibrator. her abs were already tensed, i think she was close to cum. from behind i quickly grabbed the cock of my date and squeezed it very hard as i started to rub with full speed. after 8 weeks without orgasm he could not restist 5 seconds and i think the sight of ivy's tensed sixpack gave him the rest. thanks to my aiming, the first two shots splashed in ivy's muscle groove above her belly button. but there was a problem. because she was crunching her abs, the muscles of her stomach formed a valley with the grove between her middle packs at the lowest point. also because of the crunch her belly button pointed towards her tits, so it was impossible for me to shoot a load directly in it to test my theory. ivy was looking at her abs and maybe she thought about if she could avoid an orgasm, but in her surprised condition she forgot to move the vibrator away. my date kept on shooting and ivy only stared at her abs while they were drowning in cum. her navel was still dry and for one moment i thought ivy would not cum. but then a single shiver went trough her body and i knew, i would finally see her cum. her abs started trembling as she came with pleasure. as she leaned forward to flex her sixpack close to rupture all the cum from her muscle groove ran into her navel and it overrund the sharp edges of her navel. but it was to late, she was already cumming when the sperm hit her navel, so i still didn't know if she really had a belly button fetish. i had to improvise. i quickly went to ivy's right side and pushed my left hand on her wet abs to prevent her from getting up. with my right hand i pushed the vibrator away and started fingering her pussy with my middle- and ring finger. at the moment i tried to bring my left hand closer to her navel, she grabbed it and hold it very tight, so i could not move it. as i was increasing the speed of my fingerfuck, i noticed that my date was still standing in front of ivy and jerked himself for a second round. i shouted at ivy: "you bitch, let me touch your navel!!". she now grabbed my left hand with both hands and replied: "no, not my navel!"

i fingered her pussy deeper and deeper and hoped her hands would get weak. but then my left hands felt that her sixpack was trembling again. with incredible power she pushed both of my hands away, streched her abs, screamed and squirted on my date's abs. as she streched her abs upwards her belly button now pointed in direction of his cock. suddenly an extreme powerful load bursted out of his dick and smashed with a splashing sound right into ivy's belly button. weakly, ivy sank down on her couch heavily breathing, outpowered by two hard orgasms. that was hot, but i still wasn't satisfied. i wanted to see ivy cum by the stimulation of her navel. my right hand moved into her pussy again. with my left index finger i poked her muscle groove crosing above her belly button. i pushed my finger in as hard as i could to force her to flex her abs again. now she was to exhausted to stop me. as i slid my finger slowly down her groove in the direction of her navel, she shouted: "dare you to touch my cum trigger!"
suddenly she grabbed my pussy with her right hand and pushed her long midle finger inside. all of a sudden i got aware that all these orgasms braught my close to cum too. if ivy would continue fucking me with her long and very strong finger, she would maybe finish me and prevent my victory. i could not hold back and this time it were my abs which trembled and flexed. it was really intense but during my orgasm i managed to slide my finger in ivy's navel and poked it so hard, she had to set her sixpack in full tension. as i twisted my finger in her cum trigger she whispered: "aww, oh, fuck you bitch".
her abdominal muscles started trembling in spastic shivers that made her packs vibrating. her orgasm made my orgasm even more intense. as i pulled out my finger from her navel she relaxed her abs and fell back again on the couch, constantly twitching. heavily breathing she pointed at the door and said: "out of my room. fear my revenge!"

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I love this story.... I got all hard 💦
Good story. U could have added some photos too
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