Kelly was returning home after a long and hard day at work. Each day was the same for her, as if she is caught in a loop. Even her free time was dull.


She felt lonely. Her female co workers had their share of men. Whenever they talked about their love lives, Kelly had nothing to say.


She was a beautiful twenty seven year old woman; Not the super model type, but the type you see every day but need time and closeness to appreciate their inner and outer beauty.


Maybe it was because of her lifestyle or simply a misfortune, but at any rate, the men who she met were not the nicest. She preferred loneliness to jerks.


Kelly was feeling horny. When she was entering her apartment, she thought to herself: "At least I can have some alone time to masturbate in peace. That would be relaxing."


As she was getting into the elevator, the janitor informed her that Billy was still cleaning the windows. Billy was the janitor's twenty year old son, who also worked as a janitor. He had learning disability, but was a kind man and good at his job. She remembered some muddy water had splashed from one of the upper floors flower pot yesterday which had made several windows dirty.


Kelly didn't bother to think about that. These kind of petty things happened every day. She was just eager to get home earlier.


She entered her house and went straightly for her bedroom. She was too horny and couldn't wait to get all that stress out of her system. She undressed and began imagining her favorite scenario for masturbation:


She is standing topless in her bedroom, wearing nothing but panties. A handsome stranger enters her room. No word is exchanged between the two sides. The man walks to her and pulls down her panties. She lets him. They begin kissing and making love. The man doesn't use any protection. He penetrates her with his hard long penis, while she doesn't even know who he is and why they are having sex. After a few minutes of pure pleasure, he cums inside her. She enjoys the heat of his cum in her body, not bothering to think about the consequences.


Kelly was imagining that scenario while in reality she was standing in her room with her eyes closed, wearing nothing but panties and playing with her breasts. That scenario did hell of job in arousing her. Now it was time to play with her pussy and head for an orgasm.


As she opened her eyes to start the next level, she saw a man was staring at her. She had imagined the man in her fantasy with different faces, but this was new. His face expressed surprise and even fear, not confidence like she had imagined earlier. But what was he waiting for? He should have walked to her and pulled down her panties with confidence. So why was he just staring at her with a funny face?


It toke her a few seconds until her mind got clear and managed to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. The man wasn't imaginary! He was Billy. He kept staring at her in disbelief while holding a bucket of water.


Kelly screamed! Her scream frightened Billy and he began screaming as well!


She attacked him, kicked the bucket hard and splashed its contents on Billy.


"Get out of my house you pervert!"


Billy ran out of her house.


Kelly was panting. What the hell was going on? How did Billy managed to get in and what was he doing with that bucket?


She finally realized what was going on. She had handed her spare keys to the janitor yesterday. Billy was there to clean the stains. That was what the janitor was talking about but she had missed his point.


Kelly felt ashamed. She dressed up fast and went to find Billy. Since his clothes were dripping, she managed to find him by following the trace. Billy was sitting on the stairs crying.


He tried to explain:


"Miss, I didn't mean to … I just wanted to …"


Kelly hugged him and pushed his head on her chest.


"I know, I know. I'm sorry Billy. You were there to help me. I couldn't notice that at first. I was my fault. Let's go back to my apartment to get you dry."


They got up and headed back.


Kelly was somewhat familiar with Billy's personality. Despite suffering from learning disability, he was a mature responsible man. That is until someone scolded him like a child, like she did earlier. When that happened, maybe he believed he is not a man but a child, and cried like one.


They went to the bathroom.


"Okay Billy, take off your shirt."


"But I …"


Billy was hesitant, perhaps ashamed to undress in front of Kelly. She noticed it.


"It's okay. We are just trying to get you dry. Here, let me help you."


Kelly removed his shirt and realized that Billy has a muscular body, the type she had always imagined on her fantasies. She grabbed a towel and began cleaning Billy's manly body.


Long time had passed since the last time she had sex and it was certainly the first time she was touching such a handsome body, so it got her aroused.


Some water had splashed on Billy's trouser. She knew Billy was too shy to take off his trouser, so she sat down and took off his trouser. It was awkward but at the same time arousing. A handsome man was standing in front of her wearing nothing but underwear, and she was rubbing the body from her fantasies.


Kelly noticed that Billy is getting an erection and could hear him panting. It was clear. She thought this poor man has probably never had a girl touching him like this.


She remembered the stranger from her fantasy. He was confident and kind. He knew what she wanted and never hesitated to give it to her. That was what made him so sexy and irresistible. So, why can't she be "the stranger" for Billy? Why shouldn't she put aside all the crap about reputation and social status which forbid her from doing so? How can she expect the others to put aside all that crap and open up to her, if she refuses to open up now that there is a perfect opportunity and Billy clearly wants it?


Kelly made her decision. She grabbed Billy's underpants and pulled it down. A large erected cock fell out, pointing right at her face. Billy was shocked, perhaps a little frightened, and just kept starring at her. She told herself that she must finish what she began. But going too fast might have scared Billy who was a virgin. So she needed to calm him and make things feel normal.


"Wow, Billy you are a big man. I never noticed you have such a handsome manly body."


"I'm sorry. I can't stop it."


"Stop what?"


She held his penis in her hands.


"This bad boy? Why do you want to stop it? It's natural. It's good to see this bad boy gets this excited to see me!"


She kissed the tip of his penis and stood up, putting her hands on his shoulders.


"Billy, have you ever had sex?"


He shook his head no.


"Have you ever seen a naked woman?"


Again, he shook his head no.


"I see you are a grown man, physically and mentally. So, you have certain needs like any healthy person. It's time you start having a sex life. Let's start by teaching you about women's body."


Kelly toke off her shirt and opened her bra, revealing her big boobs to Billy.


"These are my breasts. Do you like them?"


He shook his head yes.


"Would you like to touch them?"


Billy grabbed her boobs and began squeezing them. Both of them were enjoying it, despite they tried not to show it.


Kelly wanted to take things slow, so she continued the sex lesson:


"These are for feeding new born babies. Babies suck milk from the nipple, here, on the tip. Would you like to suck on them and see how it feels?"


Billy started sucking her nipples. She caressed his head as he was doing it.


After a few minutes Kelly stopped him:


"Let's get to the last and best part. Sit down so you can have a better look."


He did that, and Kelly took off her pants and panties. Both of them were completely naked now.


She circled her hands around her pussy and said:


"This is my pussy. This is where you put your penis when you feel an erection."


"Can I do it?"


"Sure, but let's not be hasty. There is so much more you can do before that. Follow me dear."


She took his hand and led him to her bedroom. Kelly knew he was very horny and inexperienced, and couldn't last long in action, so there was no point in trying a hard position or act at this point. She laid him on her bed and started sucking his huge cock. It just took a few minutes for Billy to cum in her mouth. His orgasm was powerful and filled Kelly mouth, but she managed to swallow all of it.


Now, Kelly had to get him worked up again. She laid on him and started kissing his lips. Billy was a little clumsy at first but he had a good teacher. He kept getting better and better, until he became a good kisser.


Kelly's body was very soft and pleasing to caress. He kept touching and discovering all the places he was curious about on a female body.


After a long session of kissing and caressing, Billy got erected again. Now it was Kelly's chance to make the most out of this opportunity! She sat Billy on the floor, spread her legs as she was sitting on the bed, and showed him how to lick her pussy.


Again, it took Billy some time, but he finally managed to learn how to please a woman orally.


Kelly wanted the last part to be like her fantasy, so she asked Billy to stop.


There was no protection around, but she felt that she doesn't need it. She was always protected before and Billy was a virgin, so the only concern was pregnancy. But for some reason she couldn't explain, she wasn't afraid of that, on the contrary, it seemed appealing. She got ready for penetration by a cock which was even larger than what she had fantasized.


She was patient and walked Billy through it. When Kelly felt that he was ready, she asked him to raise his speed.


It felt so good, not only because it was a good sex, but also because she had enabled Billy to have a sex life which he was clearly ready for it and deserved it.


After about ten minutes of pumping, Kelly reached an orgasm. Soon after, Billy cummed inside her as well, just like her fantasy. She felt the comforting heat of his cum in herself.


After the sex they took a shower together and made an arrangement for seeing each other again.


Several months has passed since then. These days Kelly realizes her fantasies almost every day. A real handsome man enters her bedroom, has a good loving look at her beautiful topless body, walks to her and pulls down her panties with confidence, kisses and caresses her, licks her pussy, penetrates her and cums inside her, and she returns the favor.


Kelly doesn't need to fantasize about a stranger who she has no idea why she is having sex with him anymore. She is having the perfect sex with a man he loves and doesn't let the disability which he is not responsible for it, or narrow minded judgments get in her way. She is looking forward to raising a family with him.

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