This is my original story.Not reprinted.
She showed herself to the world as a plain Jane. Hair pulled back severely in a tight bun, no makeup and no smile to brighten her face that was very pretty in reality but not to her. She wore colorless clothing that covered every inch of her body. A body she did not like. She was not fat, but was upholstered and curvy. Unbeknownst to her, noticeably curvy by several men and even a few women in the office.
Every day was the same. She woke up, got dressed while scoffing at her own body and looked in the mirror to pull her hair back into the severity of every day while scoffing at her face. She had no idea of her her raw beauty as it had never become evident to her. A wall flower her whole life, a virgin at 28, hiding in the shadows. But today would be the beginning of a new awakening.
She arrived to work early as usual to blend in quietly. She sat down at her desk and put her phone next to her mouse in exact alignment with her backup drive. Her boss walked by and said good morning. She stuttered and stammered out a "good morning" while looking down at her in file and all the paperwork that was ahead of her. She could not look up at him because she was so hot for him down deep inside that it was almost unbearable. It was as if a disdainful look from him could burn her like the sun. So she chose to always look away and never have eye contact. Today like always, he said his 2 words and walked by. She would not allow herself to let her mind wander to the hot and sexy place she would see in her wildest dreams with him. No use in dreaming of the unattainable.
She grabbed her first file and began to organize the numbers on the sheet to later put into the keyboard. Another drag of a day until 5.
Suddenly, her phone chirped. She checked it and found a new app was available. She had never heard of this one before. It said "Time Stopping S Stopwatch". Curious, she opened it. What she read did not make sense and had to be someone punking her. It said, stop time, stop people, stop what is around you and start it back up again when you want to. "Yeah right" she said as she went to the internet and typed in S Stopwatch into her PC keyboard to go check a description for it. Nothing even close came up in the search so it obviously did not exist. Her first impulse was to ask the guy who worked across her cubicle from her if he had heard of it. As she started to stand up to look over the wall that separated them, she remembered her gripping shyness and decided to sit down. Maybe she would just download the app and just try it and see what happened.
She pushed the download button and the download started. She saw that it was going to take a while and at the same time, her boss came back to his office which was right next to her cubicle. Rules are rules and she is not supposed to be using her phone so she quickly looked down and got back to work. For a couple seconds, her mind wandered again and she found herself wondering what her boss looked like without any clothes on. She quickly shook it off and went about her next file. 2 minutes later, she heard a buzz from her phone. Download complete.
Her screen showed a blue button to start the stopwatch. More curious than adventurous, she went to push it with her finger. She pushed it. Nothing. Everything the same as before. She half smiled to herself thinking about what a dope she felt like and wondered what kind of virus she just put into her phone. Then it dawned on her that the quiet music playing from the ceiling speakers had stopped. She peeked out from her cubicle and saw nothing. Same office as usual but really quiet. Again, she dismissed it and worked again on her paperwork getting it ready to put into her computer for about 15 minutes.
She noticed at some point, that the new delivery of files had not come so she got up to go talk to her coworker who delivered them and to her complete shock, her co-worker was frozen in place. Her position was one of a very uncomfortable stature so she could not be doing this on purpose. Plain Jane walked up to her and asked her what she was doing. No answer. The girl was frozen with eyes open and half in a walking position half getting up from her chair. Jane was a bit frightened and tapped her friend on the shoulder to see if she would wake up. "What are you doing" she asked in an almost desperate tone. No answer. Eyes open in a dull glare looking at nothing.
In a panic, forgetting about the app on her phone and the mysterious blue button, she ran to her boss' office and yelled, something is wrong with Michelle. As she turned the corner she saw that her boss was in no different shape. Standing in front of his desk looking up at the clock. She walked up to his still body and as she got close, she breathed in his cologne and it made her dizzy with a feeling she was used to but always looked down when she felt. It was pure, intense desire. For the first time, she looked into his eyes because they could not look back and judge her or ignore her or walk away from her. They were green and beautiful and wide open. She forgot her panic and what she was even there to ask. His eyes were looking at the clock. She turned to look at the clock and saw that the time was stuck at 11:27 am. The exact time she pushed the blue button. The second hand was still.
Her mind wandered from panic to thoughts she had had in the darkness of her bed at night but dared never have in the office during the day. Especially when he was walking near her. She felt ashamed but also felt a small thought in the back of her mind that was the understanding of the power she held at that moment. She had wondered for so long secretively how he looked naked. What it would be like to be with him in a way she never dared think about. Never dared to be with any man ever before. Destined to be a permanent virgin of her own creation of shyness and complete void of self confidence now had a whole new world of possibility for her.
She stepped closer to him and looked intensely at the body she wanted for a long time. His big arms. His tallness next to her. His rugged, carved face and mustache and goatee. She always wondered if she got to kiss him if it would tickle. She reached up for his lips with her fingertips and touched them lightly. She followed the line of his lips with her finger. It was like an electric shock for her to touch them. They were soft, smooth, still. Could not pull away. Could not say anything. They were hers for the taking at that moment.


Their height was different. She was short and small. He was tall and rugged. His stillness would prevent him from bending down or moving so she walked across the room and got a stepladder in the corner. Brought it back while having thoughts that moved between guilt of doing anything at all versus extreme curiosity and excitement over the things she could do. She placed the step stool in front of his large manly feet and climbed it grabbing his shoulders to pull herself up. Now their faces were even. She put her lips to his softly, and kissed him in a way she thought she saw it done in the movies. Her body was on fire immediately and she felt a tickling, burning sensation between her legs she had not felt ever before. She kissed his lips again. This time, one of his lips opened when she kissed him. Not because he moved it but from her lips moving. She had no idea if this stillness was permanent, or in her control with the button or if she could be caught doing this if he suddenly came back to awareness. Not her usual style but the thought of it titillated her and made her feel more warmth between her legs.
She had never tongue kissed before but she had heard her friends talk about it in High School many years before. She licked his top lip and stuck her tongue in between his lips and tickled his tongue. His mouth was not completely closed almost as he had been beginning to talk when the S Stopwatch got activated. Teeth were not together. So she stuck her tongue into his mouth and started to tongue kiss him deeply while he stared ahead at the clock motionless.
By this point, she was sweating and breathing hard and very turned on. She wanted more. She knew how wrong it was to go further, but somehow her off button was one she could not bring herself to push and she justified it to herself as the only chance she might have to ever do this with him.
She once again wondered what he looked like naked. This time, she would find out. She began to unbutton his shirt 1 button at a time savoring how his soft hairy chest looked. She ran her hands through the hair on his chest and kissed it as she unbuttoned him. She loved how a man looked in a button down shirt with it unbuttoned all the way but still on.

She undid his belt buckle and the button and zipper. To her surprise not all of him was still and motionless. He looked to have a boulder in his pants. She reached down over his blue speedo underpants and felt the mammoth rock bent in half and struggling to be free. Probably painful in that position if he were moving around and not stopped in place.


She stepped off of the stepladder and began to wiggle his pants down from his hips. She took a few moments to savor what this rock looked like trapped in his underpants. She rubbed it and it got thicker and harder. She pulled the lip of his underpants out to look inside. The fire in between her legs was at epic proportions now. She had never felt sensations like this. She was wearing a silk dress and wanted to feel this mammoth rock before she freed it so she got back on her step stool and turned her ass towards him and rubbed her panties on the giant bulge in his underwear. It got bigger but his face stayed the same. She turned around and rubbed her hot mound on his ever hardening rock. Then she jumped down off the step stool and pushed her face into his growing painful hard on.
She yearned to see it without the underpants but she was afraid. She had never seen one before. Being a virgin at 28 was very unusual but she had never believed she would be desirable to anyone so she never took the chance. She moved the step stool and bent down a bit to look closer at the rock in his underpants. With his pants around his ankles and him only wearing his cobalt blue speedo underwear that was stretched to it's limit, she felt hotter than ever.
She got on her knees to look closer at his huge bulge and had her face quite close to it. She could smell the musky smell of his groin area and it was intoxicating. She put her finger into the top seam of his underwear to pull it down to free his mammoth hard on. She pulled it down a bit and it would not get over his rock hard dick so she pulled the seam out a bit further and his hard dick snapped out fast at her face and smacked her in the mouth. She was stunned for a second by it but then looked at his stunning hard on. Huge by her standards but she wasn't sure how big it was by anyone else's standards. She decided to measure it for fun. She walked over to her desk and grabbed a ruler and brought it back. She put it under his huge dick and let it rest on the ruler and saw that it was 10 inches long. It was thick too. 2 inches wide. Just as hot as she thought it would be during all those times she was looking down at her desk imagining it.
She got back on her knees and wanted to explore it. She had no idea what she was supposed to do but knew things she wanted to do. Still a little worried about how long this stop in time would last, but so curious and so hot that she could not stop.
She stared at it at close range. Saw the beautiful bulging head in front of her face so close she could lick it. It was so hard it was reddish purple. She looked under it and saw a line that went from his beautiful testicle sac to the tip of his dick. It was protruding out. She ran her finger along the bottom along that line. His dick was hot. So was she. She put her finger on the hole at the front. It was a little wet. A line of something sticky extended from her finger when she moved it away from the hole. She smelled it. It smelled sweet.


Her next instinct was to wrap her hand around it and squeeze. She had friends who were fast with boys in High School and would tell her things they had done but she did not have enough details to know what to do herself. So she started exploring it's hardness with her hands and fingers. Running her fingers along the top bottom and sides. Using both hands at once to run fingers along it. Tickling underneath it. It was as hard as a rock. She squeezed her hand around it and pulled up and forward and kept her face close to see it as close as she could. She could not take her eyes off of it. Although she had never done it before, something drew her to kiss the tip of it. She pulled one more time and suddenly, something hit her in her eye and dripped down her cheek. It was wet. She took her hand off and wiped it from her eye and cheek, surprised and wondering what it was. She looked at his dick and it was moving up and down in rhythmic movements and white liquid was dripping and drooling from it. She realized he was cumming from her touch. Even while stuck in stop motion he was cumming and she had it on her face and in her eye. There was a puddle of it on the floor beneath him. She was so hot now it was almost unbearable and the feeling between her legs was almost hurting but she had no idea what to do to make that stop. She was still not done being curious and still on her knees and she rubbed her cheek up against his softening wet dick smearing his cum all over her face. She rubbed her cheek and face on it and once again smelled the sweetness of his cum.


She spent the next few minutes gathering some kleenex to wipe him up and put back on his underwear and pants so if and when time began again, he would not find himself in a compromised position.
She composed herself and got her face cleaned up and looked at the app. The green button was waiting there for her to start time again but she was not sure she wanted to. Although in the back of her mind she did have more plans for the next day if she could get it to repeat. She pushed the green button and like magic, the office came back to life like nothing had happened.
She sat at her desk finishing up the day and her boss came out of his office and asked her if she knew what the stain was on his floor as he did not remember spilling anything there. She said she did not know but had a little smile on her face. Oddly enough, she was jolted when her boss put his hand on her shoulder and told her to have a nice night. Something that never happened before. The heat between her legs never stopped.
She went home that night still not knowing that the painful heat between her legs was a pent up explosive orgasm. She had no idea what it felt like or how to get it to happen. As she laid in bed, she was faced with a choice. Would she do it again tomorrow and would she try to get it to be a position where she could get him inside of her this time. She had never fucked before and this was the man who she would want to be her first. More than her first actually. She figured she would sleep on it and decide when she got to work. She melted into a sleep filled with sexy, hot dreams for the first time.
6am. Alarm rings. She is excited for a day that she knows will be different than most days for her at work. She dons the plain Jane uniform, pulls the hair back and heads to work being sure she has her cell phone and the S stopwatch app is still active.
As she walks in, she bumps into 2 co-workers she does not like. Bill and Barb are nasty. They make fun of her and are sarcastic and cutting to most everyone. Usually she ignores them. Today they are particularly cutting. They cut on her hair, her clothing, her quietness. She chooses to ignore and walk by, bc she has much to look forward to. Today she has decided she will learn more.
She gets to her desk and settles in. It is 9:30am and she calls up her S Stopwatch app. Blue button is there. But she has to make sure her boss is in a position she can use once time stops as she is small and cannot move him. He is sitting at his desk in his big office chair looking down at his desk. She walks in and asks him a simple question and when he sits back and looks up at her, she pushes the button. He freezes. Time stops. The office is still and quiet again.
His office chair is a great chair. It has tall arm rests that have a lot of room under them. Again she has no idea if she has complete control over time or if it will start on it's own so she has to try and work fast. She pushes him and his chair backwards. It is a bit of a struggle because he is big and heavy but her goal is intense and she is too excited about doing this to let this stop her. She gets him far back enough that there is room in front of his legs. She opens his buttons on his shirt again and undoes his pants button and zipper. Now she faces a problem. She cannot get his pants down while he is sitting and she cannot start time again to get him in a different position with him half undressed. Her passion is so intense now that she does not care. She opens the drawer on his desk and gets his scissors. Not thinking about how he will respond once time starts, she begins to cut his pants into large pieces and throws them on the floors. She is careful not to hurt him but wants to get him inside her very badly. Once his pants are in a heap of tattered pieces on the floor, she cuts his underwear in one cut and it snaps to the side exposing his dick. This time, his dick is small and soft and not ready for anything. She wants it inside her to feel what that feels like so she knows she has to do what she did yesterday but not so far that he squirts the white stuff again. She knows she has to get it hard to get it in. So she gets down on her knees and begins to blow on it and kiss it. She thinks it is so cute so small like it is. As she is blowing and kissing it, it begins to get bigger but not fast enough for her. She is worried time will start again so she begins to lick it with tiny little licks at the tip of her tongue. Unsure of herself, she is going slow. Getting bigger. She sucks the whole thing into her mouth and holds it there feeling the softness getting harder and harder. She looks up at her boss' face which is frozen. His eyes are open but he is unaware of what is happening to him. After a few deep sucks, he is fully hard and huge.


Time to lose her virginity.
She carefully climbs on him putting each leg through the high arm rests. Then she scoots herself forward and sits flat on his hard dick. It is not in yet as she is sitting up against it. She is so wet and slippery and so hot. She puts each foot down on the side of the chair through the arm rests and lifts herself up. It is a challenge bc he is 10 inches and she has to be able to get above it to sit down on it. He cannot be of any help either as he is stopped in time. She gets above it and positions the huge tip of his rock hard dick at the edge of her unspoiled pussy and starts to grind down on it slowly, little by little. It hurts but it also feels so amazing. She is only a couple inches down and it is hurting so she gets up higher and tries again. This time she slowly sits down 1 inch at a time, counting off inches as she goes lower and lower. She knows for sure it is 10 full inches because she measured it and she is feeling filled to the top as she goes lower. She is only 5 inches down and breathing hard and soaking wet. She can't go further. Her tight little pussy at 28 years old is new and un-stretched and this is huge and big and rock hard. She decides to go up and down now for a little bit to maybe get stretched and used to it to go further. She wants all 10 inches.


The rubbing inside is almost more than she can take. She leans forward onto his chest and looks up at his face. As she leans forward she feels pressure on the front and top of her pussy and suddenly feels this explosion of waves of intensity and she starts shaking and screaming. An orgasm. Her first one ever. A delicious feeling that consumes her whole body. She stops shaking and wants more. She bears down more. She sees a little blood but isn't alarmed. She knows that can happen the first time. She pushes down, 1 inch, 2, 3, 4 and now she is sitting all the way down on him. All 10 inches stuffed inside her tight wet new pussy. She starts going up and down and sucking all of his hard dick into her hot wet box up and down. Suddenly she feels his hardness get much bigger. She knows that white stuff is coming again but she does not want to stop. She keeps going. His dick gets rock hard and huge and suddenly begins pumping inside her. She slams all the way down and starts cumming too a second time. She falls forward onto his harry chest and kisses it and lays her sweaty face on it breathing in his hot muskiness and loving how her body feels.
Trying to get off of him and the chair was a trick no less difficult than a twister game but she managed to do it. She had no idea how she would explain his cut up clothing or why he didn't remember it happening but at the moment she didn't care. The gift of time stopping, filled her up literally.
As she walked out of his office back to her desk, she caught sight of Bill and Barbs cubicle and an evil idea crossed her mind. Bill was small and thin. Easily movable. She walked to Barb's cubicle. Barb was sitting in her chair leaning back with a doughnut in her hand stuffed in her mouth. Eating as always. It was perfect.
Getting Barb's pants off was easy. Barb was always laying back in her chair and never put her legs together. Barb was not unattractive and had quite a nice body although she ate a lot. Good metabolism, she thought. She began quickly pulling down Barb's pants and exposed lacy underpants. Who knew? She then cut her lacy underpants so they snapped off to the side like she did with her boss exposing her partly shaved pussy. She was surprised by how the pussy smell turned her on. Barb had her pussy hair shaved into a heart right above her clit and on the bump that was her mound. Kind of sexy.


Now to get Bill. She went across to the other cubicle and Bill was in his chair. A chair with wheels. Perfect. She rolled him most of the way towards Barb and then picked him up out of his chair which was no issue since he was pretty small and spindly. She picked him up and laid his face on Barb's mound right on the heart. It took some doing but she spread Barb's pussy lips apart and angled his mouth to be right on it.


She was surprised how turned on she got when she touched Barb's pussy and it intrigued her. She kneeled down next to Bill's face and put her own face up to Barb's pussy. She spread the lips again and looked closely at her clit. She didn't know what it was called or even how it worked. She knew that her boss was just inside of her and she was curious. She took her middle finger and dug around in the soft lips and found the opening and stuck her finger in it all the way up.


Barb stared into space with the doughnut half in her mouth and her tongue half out her lips not knowing any of what was being done in her pussy.

She pulled her finger out and a lot of wetness with it. She started exploring all the folds with her finger and found a spot that looked like a tiny dick sticking out. She started rubbing it. She rubbed it harder and then stuck a finger inside at the same time to see what might happen. Quickly she felt the inside surround her finger and start actually sucking it again and again. She wondered if that is what happened to her to cause that explosion she felt. Curious as to whether the wetness she felt with Barb was the same as with her boss, she sniffed closer and the stuck her tongue out to take a taste. Kind of similar but different. She was shocked because she was just as turned on now as she was with her boss. Now she wondered what it would feel like to stick her tongue inside Barb's hole. So slowly she did. She worked her whole tongue inside and wiggled it around. Tasted salty and sweet all at once.



Her first idea was to have Bill's face in Barb's pussy when she started time but she had an idea she liked much better. She lifted little Bill back into his chair and took off his pants and underpants. Nowhere near as impressive as her boss but he still had one to be useful. She kneeled down and started to bounce it around in her hands, blowing on it, kissing it, and doing little tiny licks. Just like her boss, it started getting harder and bigger. After 7 or 8 sucks it actually was quite impressive for such a small guy. Now the trick she was trying to do would be really tough but she was determined. She wanted Bill's dick stuffed deep inside of Barb's pussy when she started time again. So she got behind him and pushed him up out of his chair and onto Barb. She moved him on angle to grab his hard dick and began to dig it into Barb's pussy. Easier than she thought it would be. Once she had it started, she pushed on his ass and it slid right up all the way. She grabbed Bill's hips and moved them back and forth so his dick would go in and out. Amazing to her that she could do this with both while their faces stayed the same and no one knew it was happening. She moved him faster and faster. She wanted the white stuff. But how could she tell if it had happened or not. She couldn't. So she kept pushing on his ass and making Bill fuck Barb.

After a bit she wondered if maybe it was time to start time. Maybe more fun to have them wake up during this. But she wanted one more thing first.
Barb's tongue was half out of her mouth. She removed the doughnut that Barb was eating and since Barb was laying back already in her chair, her mouth was in just the right position to be very useful. She wanted to feel that explosion again. So she ran and got the step stool again and positioned it behind Barb's chair. She stood on it and put her already dripping pussy over Barb's mouth. She squatted down on her tongue and began to move back and forth. Barbs soft tongue felt so hot and was hitting exactly the right spot. A couple more rubs back and forth ought to do it. Kaboom.



Orgasm 3 for the day for plain Jane who was learning about sex in quite an odd and fun way.
So now what to do about Bill who had lost it because of no movement. She decided it was time to first get dressed and back to normal before she did this so no one suspected her or knew what happened.
Once she was dressed and put back together, she pulled Bill off of of Barb's pussy and got under him and put his Barb pussy covered dick into her mouth to suck hard and fast as she could to get him hard again. Happened fast.


She lifted him sideways again and stuck Bill into Barb again. She moved him in and out until he was just ready to blow. Then she got up calmly, went back to her desk and pushed the green re-start button.
Time started with a scream and panting from Barb like she was hot and turned on but freaked out but Bill was so hot and turned on he kept going faster until he came into Barb's pussy. Just kept fucking her hard and fast like an animal, while others came running and started to watch in bewilderment of how things got there.He didn't even notice them. Just kept slamming Barb with his hard dick until they both exploded in front of everyone. He came so hard, cum shot right out of her pussy around his dick and dripped all over the floor.


The boss ran out of his office in his ripped underwear with his dick flailing about and when he realized he was exposed, ran back into his office and peeked out the window next to his door. She giggled a little and rubbed herself. No one understood and no one got an explanation.
5PM came and the boss closed up his office and walked up to her to say goodnight. He told her he could not explain it but he knew he had to ask her to dinner. She knew what would be for dessert.
Bill and Barb are a very hot thing now and it has been said around the office that they have been caught tasting and fucking each other anywhere they can. The boss spends a lot of time around Jane and accidentally rubs up against her all the time now and makes stains on the rug on purpose as often as possible. When she gets up in the morning now, she leaves her hair down and finds something to wear that shows legs, boobs and butt and many times leaves her panties at home for her lunch break and his.
Has she stopped time again? Let's just say that she has gotten to know many of her co-workers quite well inside and out.
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