30 Things I Have Done

30 things that I have done (lots more to share) – Wanna share your list?
1. I've had sex in cars.
2. I've had sex in changing/trial rooms of clothing stores.
3. I've had sex in my school.
4. I've had sex in my university.
5. I've fucked with my professors for better grades.
6. I've had sex with my uncle and still do.
7. I've had sex with my cousin and still do.
8. I've had sex with my husband’s brother and still do.
9. I’ve had sex with my own younger brother and still do...every day.
10. I've had sex with all my bosses in all the companies I have worked with.
11. I've had sex with many of my colleagues and been an office slut.
12. I've been to office without wearing bra or panties and still do.
13. I've had mind-blowing sex on a few beaches.
14. I've had sex with my husband’s brother on the floor next to the bed where my husband was sleeping.
15. I've seen my parents having sex and I’ve imagined my father fucking me.
16. I've had many threesomes and foursomes.
17. I’ve had many double and triple penetrations – ass, mouth and pussy.
18. I’ve been to orgy parties and got fucked by many strangers.
19. I've licked many girls' pussies while getting my pussy licked as well.
20. I've had sex with 12 different men in one single day.
21. I've been on long drives….all naked….with my boyfriend or some friends.
22. I've cheated on my husband and I still do, every day.
23. I've cheated on all my boyfriends.
24. I've posed naked for many many men.
25. I’ve participated and performed in many home-made porn movies.
26. I've got deals for the companies I have worked for by having sex with many clients.
27. I've been paid for sex and I've pretended to be a prostitute.
28. I've had sex on an airplane toilet.
29. I've had sex with 3 BBCs in one night.
30. I’ve been caught many times having sex and punished with more and more sex.
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You have had a serious amount of sex!
I know you did all the things