Curious in other people's thoughts for or against incest wether real family or step family

For many years I've been infatutated with the idea of having a naughty experience with one of my step sisters.. what are your thoughts on this situation if I find out she is curious about the same idea?
Posted in Fetishes on November 20 2020 at 03:58 AM
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Nothing wrong with it I fucked my sister last night we both was drunk and horny
I have fucked 2 of my cousins and they loved it
I don't kink shame anyone I find the incest and distant fantasy y stuff very arousing I have a mother daughter fetish I wouldn't be with them for making out in front of me while I fuck them I would ask them but I can see them again and be compassionate I don't want to hurt your feelings I just want to spread pleasure and Good vibes
My step sister and I had an on again off again sexual affair over the span of 5 years that didn't begin until we were in our mid to late 20s. She even sucked my dick the night before my wedding.
I have never had any problem with this type of thing, there have been families who have been doing this kind of thing and never had any problems with living their lives this way, live and let live and enjoy! I Have seen life this way for 71 years of my life !
Ik heb nooit een probleem met een tweede liefde gehad. Je gevoelens, hoe stout die ook zijn, kun je hebben en mag je best uitvoeren als de ander er geen bezwaar tegen heeft. Kom je in je liefde iemand van hetzelfde geslacht tegen moet dat ook kunnen. Is het familie van je, kan dat een resusfactor-probleem geven, dus moet je daar intiem heel voorzichtig mee zijn. wil die andere jou ook, nou dat moet geen probleem zijn, als jullie maar weten, waar je mee bezig bent. Liefde kan ver gaan in een expe...  more
That sounds hot if as there is no blood relationship. It gives me a Hardon thinking about it. I'd Love to film a porn movie called Cock Crazy Sisters.
I have lesbian relationship with my mil and it started by a mistake by me and my husband but I love it and enjoy
Thanks for the honesty and being open minded and none judgmental about my fantasies very much appreciated
I've had a fantasy since I was young about my half sister. I think it's natural to have these thoughts. I'm not against it.
My step sister and her best friend.. to be honest I am craving to have them both.. either seperate or even better at the same time mmm