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She keeps me and my Security Safe at night. If we can't see anything with our naked blind eyes. My Night Vision Team can see things for us. They see things ahead of time so that we don't regret it...
Hi Mike Andrew again. The chat thing is Out Of Service again.
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Its ok. I got nothing but time bruh. I'm out of town at the moment. But will be back tonight. I'm in New Jersey visiting a Mobster Family of my Family. Will be home at around 7 8 or 9 tonight.
By the way I have a few female and male friends that want to join here. Since things are down and in the process of being worked on. Can you still sing up on here. Or is that down too.
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I have the team working on alot of updates to make our site better because of this i had to take down sections to make it more compatible with the new version. We are working hard to get this done and will return them as soon as they are completed.
Thats my daughter Brittany in the Matching Yellow/Black Outfit.
I have my Own business. And its growing. So I have a New Store going up. I'm good with Employees. But I do need a Co-Owner for this store. Free Training. NO Experience needed. I will Train you my self at NO Cost.