send me a vid of you jerking and praising my abs ;*
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guess who is willing to cum tonight. i have to be careful, im so horny but i dont wan to cum so fast, so i keep it slow
Danielle Dunn commented on Andrew photo
on April 02 2023 at 07:59 AM public
why only getting hard? why not shoot a load? ^^
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on my way back home, i was so horny. i nearly finished myself in the car. im gonna make myself explode when im home^^
horny in the car
i really made him come over. i stretched myself a bit and flexed my abs to get his attention. he came over and made me a compliment about my abs, and asked me if he could touch them. i allowed him to touch my abs and i touched his tight eightpack. i really had to control myself, i was so close just to grap into his pants and rub his dick.