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Kelly's Fantasy
Kelly was returning home after a long and hard day at work. Each day was the same for her, as if she is caught in a loop. Even her free time was dull.   She felt lonely. Her female co workers...
I published a new story: "Kelly's Fantasy". It's different from my previous stories. I got the basic idea for this story from an older story named "Helping Johnny". I also got some help from the actual Kelly (she is a real person who I used her picture for my story). I asked what would she do in this scenario and wrote the story based on her answers. For example, when she said she is okay with getting pregnant and even welcomes it, I modified her character's behavior according to her wish. I hop...  more
Teaching Manners to an Unruly Boy
One of my friends was dealing with a stalker in school. Some annoying guy couldn’t take no for an answer and kept chasing her, as if she is compelled to submit to his will. That was embarrassing...
Punishing a Cheater
I have a story to tell about how me and my friend punished a cheater and celebrated our victory. My friend's name is Lena. We are very close, and have been since college. She had a boyfriend...
Celebrating a Victory
After the events of "Punishing a Cheater", we drove away from Kai's cabin. Lena was happy with what we had done, and so was I.   We were tired from the struggle and it was getting dark, so we...
I published my new story, "Celebrating a Victory". But you have to read "Punishing a Cheater" first. It follows a same story line.
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