Me driving 120 on the side of the highway in Los Angeles. I live in New York. I had my truck brought to me. Because I was renting a car. And I didn't feel like tearing up or destroying my rental....
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So I'm buying my wife a New car right now. Shes at work. But I'm gonna give the greatest surprise ever.
I love her so much. She means the world to me. I forgot to tell you this. But I have 4 daughters of my own from a previous Relationship. And our BIG family get along awesomely. No bad judgements. No bullying. No punking. No Nothing bad. Its all good happy time thoughts here at The Lashlik House.
Well I have bad news about my wife's car. The rear axle is messed to fuck. When that kid hit me from behind. He broke the rear axle in half like a tooth pick.
Whats good man. How are you doing today. The Chat Server is down.